bird photography in Tasmania

About my bird images

Most images on my site are of wild birds photographed in their natural environment. Accompanied by friend and photographer, Elaine McDonald, I generally spend one or two days a week walking in the Channel and Huon districts of Southern Tasmania.

Ethical and responsible field practices are of paramount concern to both Elaine and myself. The welfare of the birds and their environment comes first.

No images have been set up or taken using attractants, such as food or sound, to lure the subject. We do not use or agree with the use of call playback, as we believe it interferes with a bird’s natural protective instincts and causes unnecessary confusion and stress. No animal should ever be made to suffer for the sake of a photograph.

In taking our photographs, we do not stay fixed in one position for lengthy periods and we use long focal length lenses so as not to stress our subjects by getting too close.

We are dedicated to the protection and conservation of birds and the environment. In addition to our photography, we are involved in counting and monitoring the endangered Forty-spotted Pardalote and other environmental causes.

Your can find Elaine’s photography at: Elaine McDonald Photography